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How to cheat?

In the article How to Cheat you find all options to cheat correctly.
the use of cheat codes is at own risk, postings of muliplayer cheat codes can result in a ban of the account, for single player cheat codes, we advise to make backups of your savegames. cheat codes, glitches and walkthroughs!

no matter which cheat, hint or walkthrough you are searching, here you find it.
With the Cheat databases we created you have much features and everytime the option to insert cheat codes.
here in the cheat category you find walkthroughs, hints and tricks too.
acctually we search for Moderators and admins to insert new cheats in the databases, edit, delete and test them.
if you dont find anything you dont must be afraid, we protocol all search strings and can insert with this features cheat codes more effective, an visit again is everytime the best you can do.
The cheat codes, hints, tricks and walkthroughs are completly costfree for you.

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