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Gothic 3 - Console Cheat - Editing stats

First do the neccesary things to open the cheat console with the ~ key (See console cheats above). Now, open the console, and type the following letters into the console to CHANGE that stat to whatever you want (not add that much to it). NOTE: 'X' is the number. (I.E. if I make 'X' 50, than I'll make that stat 50)
  1. teach STR X (Strength)
  2. teach DEX X (Hunting Skills)
  3. teach INT X (Ancient Knowledge)
  4. teach ALC X (Alchemy)
  5. teach SMT X (Smithing)
  6. teach THF X (Thieving)
  7. teach HP X (Life Energy)
  8. teach SP X (Endurance)
  9. teach MP X (Mana)
  10. teach LP X (Learning Points)
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