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PC-Windows cheat codes / walkthroughs:

Farming Simulator(0)
Farming Simulator 15(0)
Farming Simulator 2009(0)
Farming Simulator 2011(0)
L.A. Blaster(0)
L.A. Noire(0)
L.A. Rush(0)
L.O.E. - Legend of Enomoto(0)
La Guerra Esosa(0)
Labyrinth Game(0)
Labyrinth of Light(0)
Labyrinth of Time(0)
Labyrinths of the World: Verlorene Seelen(0)
LAG - Love and Grapple(0)
Lager und Logistik Simulator(0)
Lakers 2(0)
Lamentation Sword(0)
Land der Magie(0)
Land der Pharaonen(0)
Land der Smaragde(0)
Land Mines in space(0)
Land of Chaos Online(0)
Land of Destruction(0)
Land of Runes(0)
Land of the Dead(0)
Landmaschinen-Simulator: John Deere(0)
Landrover Offroad(0)
Lands Of Lore(0)
Lands of Lore 2: Götterdämmerung(0)
Lands of Lore 3(0)
Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos(0)
Landwirtschafts Gigant(0)
Landwirtschafts Gigant 2(0)
Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011: DLC Gerätschaften Paket 1(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 15: Offizielles Add-On 2(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 15: Offizielles AddOn(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 17(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2013(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2013: 2. Offizielles Add-On(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator Offizielles Add-On 2(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator Offizielles Add-On 2 - Klassiker der Landwirtschaft(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator Offizielles Addon(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator Titanium Edition(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator: Pro Farm 1(0)
Landwirtschafts-Simulator: Pro Farm 2(0)
Lang lebe König Zulfo(0)
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light(0)
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris(0)
Largo Winch(0)
Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat(0)
Larry Vales 2: Dead girls are easy(0)
LaruaVille 2(0)
LaruaVille 3(0)
LaruaVille 4(0)
Las Vegas Pinball(0)
Las Vegas Tycoon(0)
Las Vegas: Texas Hold'em - Pokern(0)
Laser Age Gold(0)
Laser Arena(0)
Laser Squad Nemesis(0)
Last Action Hero(0)
Last Bronx(0)
Last Chaos(0)
Last Child(0)
Last Duel(0)
Last Dynasty(0)
Last Guardian(0)
Last Ninja 2(0)
Last Ninja 3(0)
Last of the Free(0)
Last Scene(0)
Laura Bow: The Colonel`s Bequest(0)
Laura Bow: The Dagger of Amon Ra(0)
Laura Jones(0)
Laura Jones 2(0)
Lauras Hundeschule(0)
Lavaman 2(0)
Law & Order: Bei Aufschlag Mord(0)
Law & Order: Dead on the Money(0)
Law & Order: Episode 2 - Intrigen auf der Spur(0)
Law & Order: Justice Is Served(0)
Law & Order: Mord im Centralpark(0)
Lawn & Order 2: Die Gartenverschwörung(0)
Lawn & Order 4 - Durch Dick und Dünger(0)
Lawn and Order 3: Querbeet durch Europa(0)
Lawn and Order: Die Gartenprofis(0)
Lawn Mower(0)
Lawnmower Man(0)
Le Bistro(0)
Le Tour de France 2007: Der Offizielle Radsport Manager(0)
Le Tour de France 2008: Der Offizielle Radsport Manager(0)
Le Tour de France 2009(0)
Le Tour de France 2010(0)
Le Tour de France 2011(0)
Le Tour de France 2011: Der offizielle Radsport Manager 2011(0)
Le Tour de France 2012: Radsport Manager(0)
Le Tour de France 2013(0)
Le Tour de France 2014: Der offizielle Radsport Manager(0)
Le Tour de France 2016(0)
Le Tour de France: Radsport Manager Pro 2006(0)
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West(0)
Leaderboard Golf(0)
Leadfoot Stadium Off Road Racing(0)
League of Angels(0)
League of Legends(0)
League of Light: Das Unheil von Black Rock(0)
League of Light: Die Heilerin(0)
League of Light: Dunkles Omen(0)
League of Mermaids: Schätze der Tiefsee(0)
Leather Goddesses of Phobos(0)
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2(0)
Lea`s Reise durch die Zeit(0)
LED Wars(0)
Left 4 Dead(0)
Left 4 Dead 2(0)
Left in the Dark: Niemand an Bord(0)
Legacy of Kain(0)
Legacy of Kain: Defiance(0)
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver(0)
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2(0)
Legacy of Time(0)
Legacy Tales: Der schwarze Tod(0)
Legend of Dragon Island(0)
Legend of Egypt 2(0)
Legend of Ferghail(0)
Legend Of Heroes IV(0)
Legend of Kay(0)
Legend of Kyrandia(0)
Legend of Kyrandia 2(0)
Legend of Kyrandia 3(0)
Legend of Rome 2(0)
Legend of Rouge(0)
Legend of the green Dragon(0)
Legend Of The Lost(0)
Legend of the Toltecs Gold(0)
Legend Online(0)
Legend: Hand of God(0)
Legende von Althea(0)
Legenden des Mahjong(0)
Legends of Dawn(0)
Legends of Eisenwald(0)
Legends of Heroes(0)
Legends of Might & Magic(0)
Legends of Pegasus(0)
Legends of Runeterra(0)
Legends of Solitaire 2: Der Fluch des Drachen(0)
Legends of Solitaire: Die verlorenen Karten(0)
Legends of Teragon (0)
Legends of the East: Das Auge der Kobra(0)
Legends of the Wild West(0)
Legends of Valour(0)
Legends of War(0)
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes(0)
LEGO Batman 3: Jenseits von Gotham(0)
LEGO Batman: The Videogame(0)
Lego Bionicle(0)
Lego Bionicle Heroes(0)
Lego City Undercover(0)
Lego Creator(0)
Lego Creator: Knights Kingdom(0)
LEGO Der Hobbit(0)
Lego Drome Racer(0)
Lego Football Mania(0)
Lego Friends(0)
Lego Galidor(0)
Lego Harry Potter: Die Jahre 5 -7(0)
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4(0)
Lego Herr der Ringe(0)
Lego Indiana Jones 2(0)
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures(0)
Lego Insel(0)
Lego Insel 2: Der Steinbrecher kehrt zurück(0)
Lego Island(0)
Lego Island X-Treme Stunts(0)
LEGO Jurassic World(0)
Lego Loco(0)
LEGO Marvel Avengers(0)
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes(0)
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean(0)
Lego Racers(0)
Lego Racers 2(0)
Lego Rock Raiders(0)
Lego Star Wars(0)
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy(0)
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars(0)
LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht(0)
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga(0)
Lego Stunt Rally(0)
Lego Universe(0)
Leisure Suit Larry(0)
Leisure Suit Larry 2(0)
Leisure Suit Larry 3(0)
Leisure Suit Larry 5(0)
Leisure Suit Larry 6(0)
Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail(0)
Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love(0)
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust(0)
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude(0)
Lemming Ball Z(0)
Lemmings - Holiday `93(0)
Lemmings - Holiday `94(0)
Lemmings - Oh No More Lemmings(0)
Lemmings 2(0)
Lemmings für Windows(0)
Lemmings Paintball(0)
Lemmings Revolution(0)
Lemonade Tycoon 2(0)
Lemonade Tycoon 2 - New York Edition(0)
Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events(0)
Lernen mit Rayman Englisch(0)
Lernen mit Rayman Französisch(0)
Lernerfolg Grundschule Deutsch Klasse 3+4(0)
Lernerfolg Grundschule Englisch Klasse 3+4(0)
Lernerfolg Grundschule Mathematik Klasse 3+4(0)
Lernerfolg Grundschule: Deutsch Klasse 1-4(0)
Lernerfolg Grundschule: Englisch Klasse 1-4(0)
Lernerfolg Grundschule: Mathe Klasse 1-4 - intensiv(0)
Lernerfolg Vorschule - Capt'n Sharky(0)
Lernerfolg Vorschule - Prinzessin Lillifee(0)
Les Manley 2 - Lost in L.A.(0)
Les Misérables(0)
Lesen und Rechnen mit Rayman(0)
Let's Sing(0)
Lethal Tender(0)
Lethal Weapon(0)
Level R(0)
Leviathan - The Tone Rebellion(0)
Leviathan: Warships(0)
LHA Attack Chopper(0)
LHX Attack Chopper(0)
Liberation Army(0)
Liberation Day(0)
Libido 7: Impact(0)
Lieferwagen-Simulator 2010(0)
Life is Strange(0)
Lifeforce: Tenka(0)
Light Corridor(0)
Light of Altair(0)
Light Speed(0)
Lillebi und seine Freunde(0)
Lills: Im Land der Elfen(0)
Lilly Looking Through(0)
Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise(0)
Linda Hyde: Das Vatikan-Geheimnis(0)
Linda Hyde: Vampire Mansion(0)
Line Of Sight: Vietnam(0)
Line Rider: Freestyle(0)
Lineage 2: Interlude(0)
Lineage 2: Kamael(0)
Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne(0)
Linie 51. Die Goldenen Zwanziger Berlins(0)
Links 2001(0)
Links 2003(0)
Links 386(0)
Links 386 Pro(0)
Links 386: Prairie Dunes(0)
Links LS(0)
Lion and the King(0)
Lion and the King 2(0)
Lionheart: Kings Crusade(0)
Lipstick Adventure EX(0)
Liquidator 2(0)
Lisa Marklund: Dollar - Der interaktive Krimi(0)
Lissi und der wilde Kaiser: Der Kaiserschmarrn zum Film(0)
Lissy: Dein eigenes Fohlen(0)
Litil Divil(0)
Little Big Adventure(0)
Little Big Adventure 2(0)
Little Bombers Returns(0)
Little Fighter 2(1)
Little Fighters Hikers(0)
Little Ida(0)
Little My Maid(0)
Little Shop - Memories(0)
Little Shop of Treasures 2(0)
Little Shop: City Lights(0)
Little Shop: Road Trip(0)
Littlest Pet Shop(0)
Live for Speed(0)
Living Factory: Dein Möbelstudio für Die Sims 2(0)
Living Legends 2: Die Eisprinzessin(0)
Living Legends: Die Eisrose(0)
Living World Racing(0)
LKW Rangier-Simulator(0)
LKW Raser 2(0)
LKW Simulator(0)
LMA Manager 2003(0)
Loch Ness(0)
Lock On Platinum(0)
Locomotive 2(0)
Locomotive 3(0)
Locomotive 4(0)
Lode Runner(0)
Lode Runner 2(0)
Lode Runner Online(0)
Logistics Company(0)
Lombard Rally(0)
London 2012(0)
London 2012: Das offizielle Videospiel der Olympischen Spiele(0)
London Racer 2(0)
London Star(0)
London Taxi: Rush Hour(0)
Longbow 2(0)
Loong: The Power of the Dragon(0)
Lord of The Jungle(0)
Lord of Ultima(0)
Lords of Everquest(0)
Lords of Magic(0)
Lords of Magic: Special Edition(0)
Lords of the Black Sun(0)
Lords of the Fallen(0)
Lords of the Realm(0)
Lords of the Realm 2(0)
Lords of the Realm 3(0)
Lords of War and Money(0)
Lost Chronicles - Fall des Cäsar(0)
Lost Chronicles of Zerzura(0)
Lost Chronicles Salem(0)
Lost City of Z(0)
Lost Eden(0)
Lost Gems: Ägypten(0)
Lost Horizon(0)
Lost Horizon 2(0)
Lost in Space(0)
Lost in the City: Die verlassene Stadt(0)
Lost in the Grid 2050(0)
Lost in Time(0)
Lost in Underground(0)
Lost Inca Prophecy 2(0)
Lost Lands: Der dunkle Meister(0)
Lost Lands: Die vier Reiter(0)
Lost Legends: Die weinende Frau(0)
Lost Planet 2(0)
Lost Planet 3(0)
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition(0)
Lost Realms: Das Erbe der Sonnenprinzessin(0)
Lost Realms: Der Fluch von Babylon(0)
Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries(0)
Lost Souls - Enchanted Paintings(0)
Lost Universum(0)
Lost Vikings(0)
Lost Vikings 2(0)
Lost: The Game(0)
Lothar Matthäus Super Soccer(0)
Lotus Challenge(0)
Lotus III(0)
Lotus WordPro 97(0)
Louisiana: Das Geheimnis der Sümpfe(0)
Louisiana: Mystery Cases(0)
Louvre - L`ultime Malédiction(0)
Louvre - The Messenger(0)
Love Chronicles: Das Schwert und die Rose(0)
Love Chronicles: Der Fluch(0)
Love Chronicles: Erlösung(0)
Love Escalator(0)
Love Forever(0)
Love Lesson(0)
Love Love Show!(0)
Love Phantom(0)
Love Producer(0)
Love Story 2: Das Strandhaus(0)
Love Story: Briefe aus der Vergangenheit(0)
Lovechess: The Greek Era(0)
Lucas der Ameisenschreck(0)
Lucinda Green's Welt der Pferde(0)
Lucky Luke(0)
Lucky Luke: Go West!(0)
Lucky Luke: Western Fever(0)
Lucy's Expedition(0)
Ludgers Bad Trip(0)
Ludwig: Lehrer, Komponist, Band(0)
Lula 3D(0)
LULA Online(0)
Lula Pinball(0)
Lunar Flight(0)
Lupos Big Adventure(0)
Lure of the Temptress(0)
Lurking Horror(0)
Luv Wave(0)
Luxor 2 HD(0)
Luxor 3(0)
Luxor 5(0)
Luxor Adventures(0)
Luxor Evolved(0)
Luxor HD(0)
Luxor Mahjong(0)
Luxor: Amun Rising(0)
Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife(0)
Luxus Hotel Imperium(0)
Luxus Liner Tycoon(0)
The Legend of Maya(0)

PC-Windows cheat codes (l):
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