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PC-Windows cheat codes / walkthroughs:

My Kingdom for the Princess(0)
R Factor(0)
R.A.W.: Realms of Ancient War(0)
R.U.S.E.: Das Pack der aufgehenden Sonne [DLC 3](0)
R.U.S.E.: Das Schimären Pack [DLC 2](0)
RA 5 Spots II(0)
RA Abysma(0)
RA Bugix(0)
RA Combo Chaos(0)
Rabbids Go Home(0)
Rabid Helix(0)
RACE 07: Official WTCC-Game - GTR Evolution Erweiterungspaket(0)
Race Driver: GRID(0)
Race Injection(0)
Race On(0)
Race vs. GTR(0)
Race!: Action Boost(0)
Race, der Motorsportmanager(0)
RACE: Caterham(0)
RACE: Official WTCC Game(0)
Rachel's Retreat(0)
Racing 1+1(0)
Racing Simulation 2(0)
Racing Simulation 3(0)
Radau im Bau(0)
Radix: Beyond the Void(0)
Radrennsport Manager Pro 2013(0)
Radsport Evolution 2008(0)
Radsport Evolution 2009(0)
Radsport Manager 2003-2004(0)
Radsport Manager 2004-2005(0)
Radsport Manager Evolution 2008(0)
Radsport Manager Pro 2006(0)
Radsport Manager Pro 2007(0)
Ragdoll Kung Fu(0)
Rage of Mages(0)
Rage of Mages 2(0)
Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer(0)
Rage of the Dead(0)
Ragnarok Online(0)
Rags to Richies(0)
Rahjongg: Der Fluch des Ra(0)
Raiden 2(0)
Rail Nation(0)
Rail Nation: Steam over Europe(0)
Rail On(0)
Rail Simulator(0)
Rail Simulator: Rascal & Cottonwood(0)
Rail Simulator: Voyager(0)
Railkings Model: Railroad Simulator(0)
Railroad Pioneer(0)
Railroad Tycoon(0)
Railroad Tycoon 2(0)
Railroad Tycoon 2: The Second Century(1)
Railroad Tycoon 2: Time Twister(0)
Railroad Tycoon 3(1)
Rails Across America(0)
Railworks 4: Trainsimulator 2013(0)
Railworks: Tornado Edition(0)
Rainbow Drops Buster(0)
Rainbow Islands(0)
Rainbow Six(0)
Rainbow Six 3(0)
Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword(0)
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield(0)
Rainbow Six 4: Lockdown(0)
Rainbow Six: Covert Ops(0)
Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch(0)
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear(0)
Rainbow Six: Rogue Squadron Urban Op.(0)
Rakard Kingdoms: Erschaffe Dein Imperium(0)
Rakuensou 3(0)
Rallisport Challenge(0)
Rally Championship(0)
Rally Championship 2000(0)
Rally Championship Extreme(0)
Rally Cross 2(0)
Rally Masters(0)
Rally Racing `97(0)
Rally Raid(0)
Rally Trophy(0)
Rama - Rendezvous im Weltraum(0)
Rambo: The Video Game(0)
Rampage World Tour(0)
Ran Soccer(0)
Ran Trainer(0)
Ran Trainer 2(0)
Ran Trainer 3(0)
Rance 3(0)
Rance 4(0)
Rance 4.1(0)
Rance 4.2(0)
Rance 5(0)
Randal's Monday(0)
Rangier Simulator(0)
Rapa Nui(0)
Rapala Pro Fishing(0)
Rapunzel: Neu verföhnt(0)
Rasche's Doppelkopf 5(0)
Rasche's Schafkopf 5 (0)
Rasche's Skat 5.0(0)
Rasche's Skat 7(0)
Raser 2(0)
Rasputin's Curse(0)
Ravage DCX(0)
Rave Shuttle(0)
Raven Squad(0)
Raven's Cry(0)
Ravenloft 2 - Stone Prophet(0)
Ravensburger Puzzle(0)
Ravensburger Puzzle 2(0)
Ray Crisis(0)
Rayman 2(0)
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc(0)
Rayman Arena(0)
Rayman Legends(0)
Rayman M(0)
Rayman: Origins(0)
Rayman: Raving Rabbits(0)
Raymans`s World(0)
Ra`s Empire Mission Pack 2(0)
Ra`s Revenge Mission Pack 1(0)
Ra`s Vegas Mission Pack 3(0)
RC / Stuntcopter(0)
RC Cars(0)
RC Racers Deluxe(0)
RC Racing: Off Road(0)
RC Revenge(0)
Reach for the Stars(0)
Reading the Dead(0)
Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper(0)
Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer(0)
Real Estate Tycoon(0)
Real War(0)
Real War: Rogue States(1)
Real Warfare 1242(0)
Real-Action Basketball(0)
Reality Show: Fataler Dreh(0)
Realms of Ancient War(0)
Realms of Chaos(0)
Realms of Lythandia(0)
Realms of the Haunting(0)
Rebel Assault 2(0)
Rebel Bomberman(0)
Rebel Moon Rising(0)
Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk(0)
Rebel Trucker(0)
Rebels Prison Escape(0)
Recall Revolutions(0)
Recolonisation of Earth(0)
RECYCLE: Der Müllabfuhr-Simulator(0)
Red Ace Squadron(0)
Red Baron 2(0)
Red Baron 3(0)
Red Baron 3D(0)
Red Baron History(0)
Red Crow Mysteries - Dark Legion(0)
Red Crow Mysteries Legion(0)
Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare(0)
Red Faction(0)
Red Faction II(0)
Red Faction: Armageddon(0)
Red Faction: Guerrilla(0)
Red Hell(0)
Red Jets(0)
Red Johnson's Chronicles(0)
Red Ocean(0)
Red Orchestra(0)
Red Orchestra 2(0)
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad(0)
Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm(0)
Red Orchestra Ostfront(0)
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41 - 45 - Enhanced(0)
Red Riding Hood(0)
Red Shark(1)
Red Skies(0)
Redclaw Block Out(0)
Redemption Cemetery 2: Die verlorenen Seelen(0)
Redemption Cemetery: Bitterer Frost(0)
Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven(0)
Redemption Cemetery: Die Insel der Verlorenen(0)
Redemption Cemetery: Die Rettung der Verlorenen(0)
Redemption Cemetery: Die Uhr des Schicksals(0)
Redemption Cemetery: Grabgeflüster(0)
Redlight District Imperium(0)
Redline Racer(0)
Redlynx Trials 2 Second Edition(0)
Redneck Kentucky(0)
Redneck Rampage Deer Hunting(0)
Redrum 2: Time Lies(0)
Reef Shot: Die Tauch-Expedition(0)
Reel Deal Casino Quest(0)
Reel Deal Casino: Shuffle Master(0)
Reel Deal Poker Challenge(0)
Reel Deal Slots 4(0)
Refrain Blue(0)
Regency Solitaire(0)
Regina Halmich Boxmanager(0)
Regnum Online(0)
Reign: Conflict of Nations(0)
Reincarnations 2: Enthülle das Gestern(0)
Reincarnations 3: Zurück ins Leben(0)
Reincarnations: Das Erwachen(0)
Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde(0)
Reise zum Zentrum des Mondes(0)
Reiseziel: Die Schatzinsel(0)
Reiterland: Clara und die Springpferde(0)
Reiterland: Clara will reiten(0)
Reject Australia(0)
Relax Games Snake(0)
Relic Hunt(0)
Relikte des Schicksals(0)
Reload: Outdoor Action(0)
Remember me(0)
Remington Jagd-Action Afrika(0)
Remington Jagd-Action Alaska(0)
Removal Man(0)
Renegade Racers(0)
Renex 2(0)
Replics 2: Forget the Moon(0)
Replics 3: Behind the Light(0)
Republic: The Revolution(0)
Requital: Revenge of a Hero(0)
Rescue 2013: Helden des Alltags(0)
Rescue Helicopter Simulator(0)
Rescue: Everyday Heroes(0)
Reservoir Dogs(0)
Resident Evil(0)
Resident Evil 3(0)
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis(0)
Resident Evil 4(0)
Resident Evil 5(0)
Resident Evil 6(0)
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard(0)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica(1)
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City(0)
Resident Evil: Revelations(0)
Resident Evil: Revelations 2(0)
Resolution 101(0)
Restaurant Empire(0)
Restaurant Empire 2(0)
Restaurant Rush(0)
Restricted Area(0)
Retter in der Not(0)
Rettungsdienst-Simulator 2013(0)
Rettungshubschrauber Simulator: Search & Rescue(0)
Rettungswagen-Simulator 2012(0)
Rettungswagen-Simulator 2014(0)
Return Fire 2(0)
Return of Medusa(0)
Return of the Phantom(0)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein(1)
Return to Krondor(0)
Return to Zork(0)
Revenge of the Bugs(0)
Revenge of the Titans(0)
Reveries: Die Liebe zweier Schwestern(0)
Reveries: Seelenfänger(0)
Reversible Karte(0)
Rex Nebular(0)
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure(0)
Rhem 2: The Cave(0)
Rhem 3: The Secret Library(0)
Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments(0)
Rhianna Ford und der Brief van Da Vinci(0)
Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches(0)
Rhiannon: Geister der Vergangenheit(0)
Rhiannons Realm Celtic Mahjong Solitaire(0)
Richard Burns Rally(0)
Richie Ritsch Ratsch(0)
Rick Dangerous(0)
Rick Dangerous 2(0)
Rickys Restaurant(0)
Ricochet Lost Worlds(0)
Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged(0)
Ricochet Xtreme(0)
Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay(0)
Riddle of Master Lu(0)
Riddles of Fate: Die wilde Jagd(0)
Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori(0)
Riddles of the Past(0)
Ride 'em Low(0)
Ride 2(0)
Ride to Hell: Retribution(0)
Ridge Racer: Unbounded(0)
Ridge Racer: Unbounded: 1 Machine & The Hearse - DLC 1(0)
Ridge Racer: Unbounded: 7 Machine & The Gallows - DLC 3(0)
Ridge Racer; Unbounded: Type 4 Machine & El Mariachi - DLC 2(0)
Riding Star(0)
Riding Star 2(0)
Riding Star 3(0)
Ridings Spirits 2(0)
Rift - Ultimate Edition(0)
Rift: Storm Legion(0)
Rig & Roll(0)
Rig Racer 2(0)
Rig `n`Roll(0)
Righteous Fire(0)
RIM: Battle Planets(0)
Ring Finger(0)
Ring Finger 2(0)
Ringing Bells Slots(0)
Rings of Medusa Gold(0)
Riot Police(0)
RIP 2: Strike Back(0)
RIP 3: The last Hero(0)
RIP Hell's Army(0)
Rip the Chip(0)
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War(0)
Rise 2 - Resurrection(0)
Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition(0)
Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War(0)
Rise of Nations(0)
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends(0)
Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots(0)
Rise of Prussia(0)
Rise of Republic(0)
Rise of the Argonauts(0)
Rise of the Dragon(0)
Rise of the Robots(0)
Rise of the Tomb Raider(0)
Rise of the West(0)
Rise of Venice(0)
Risen 2(0)
Risen 2 Erweiterungspack(0)
Risen 3: Titan Lords(0)
Risen 3: Titan Lords - Adventure Garb DLC(0)
Risen 3: Titan Lords - Fog Island DLC(0)
Risen 3: Titan Lords - Uprising of the little Guys DLC(0)
Risiko 2(0)
Rising Kingdoms(0)
Rising Lands(0)
Rising Sun(0)
Risky Woods(0)
Rita Brentrups Fetch! Ein Hund zum Liebhaben(0)
Rita James und das Rennen nach Shangri La(0)
Rite of Passage: Die perfekte Show(0)
Rite of Passage: Kind des Waldes(0)
Rite of Passage: Verloren in den Fluten(0)
Ritter Arthaud(0)
Ritter Arthur - Die Trilogie(0)
Ritter Arthur 2(0)
Ritter Arthur 3(0)
Ritter Arthur 4(0)
Ritter Rost: Das Ritterturnier(0)
Ritter von Xentar(0)
Ritterheer im Mittelwalter(0)
Rival Ball(0)
Rival Realms(0)
Riven: The Sequel to Myst(0)
River Raider(0)
Road Blasters(0)
Road Construction(0)
Road Construction Simulator 2011(0)
Road Rash(0)
Road Rush(0)
Road To India(0)
Road Warrior(0)
Road Wars(0)
Roads of Egypt: Die Rückkehr des Ra(0)
Roads of Rome(0)
Roads of Rome 2(0)
Roads of Rome 3(0)
Rob Blanc 3(0)
Robin Hood(0)
Robin Hood's Quest(0)
Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow(0)
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown(0)
Robin Hood: Forest Adventure(0)
Robin Hood: König der Gesetzlosen(0)
Robin Hood: Rächer der Armen(0)
Robin Hood: Secrets of Sherwood Forest(0)
Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood(0)
Robin's Quest: Aufstieg einer Legende(0)
Robins Island Adventure(0)
Robinson Crusoe(0)
Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates(0)
Robinson`s Requiem(0)
Robo Rumble(0)
Robocop 3(0)
Robot 2(0)
Robot 3(0)
Robot 4(0)
Robot Arena(1)
Robot Arena 2(0)
Robot Wars: Arena of Destruction(0)
Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction(0)
Robots Power On(0)
Rock Pusher(0)
Rockefeller - Das schwarze Gold(0)
Rocket Doubler Slots(0)
Rocket Jockey(0)
Rocket League(0)
Rocket Mania Deluxe(0)
Rocket Mission(0)
Rocket Racer(0)
Rockfall: The Return(0)
Rocksmith 2014(0)
Rockstar ate my Hamster(0)
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter(0)
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 2(0)
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3(1)
Rocky Racers(0)
Rodents Revenge(0)
Roger Rabbit(0)
Roger Rabbit: Hare Raising Havoc(0)
Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers(0)
Roger Wilco in the next Mutation(0)
Rogue Spear(0)
Rogue Spear: Black Thorn(0)
Rogue Spear: Urban Operations(0)
Rogue Trooper(0)
Rogue Warrior(0)
ROHAN: Vendetta(0)
RollCage: Stage 2(0)
Roller Blade Racer(0)
Roller Coaster Mania(0)
Roller Coaster Mania 2(0)
Roller Coaster Mania 3(0)
Rollercoaster Mania: Bau dir eine eigene Achterbahn!(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon(1)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Combo Pack(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Wacky Worlds(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Time Twister(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon: Added Attractions(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon: Totally Rollercoaster(0)
Rollercoaster Tycoon: World(0)
Rollercoaster World(0)
Rolling Idols(0)
Rolling Idols 2(0)
Rolling Marbles(0)
Rolling Ronny(0)
Rolling Trix(0)
Romance of Rome(0)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III(0)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI(0)
Rome II: Total War(0)
Rome: Total War(0)
Rome: Total War - Alexander(0)
Romeo & Julia(0)
Rommé - 3D Kartenspiel(0)
Rommé und Canasta Clubmeister(0)
Rommé und Canasta Clubmeister XXL2(0)
Rommee + Canasta XXL(0)
Roncalli Zirkus Tycoon(0)
Rooby Run(0)
Room Zoom: Race for Impact(0)
Rooms - Die Villa (0)
Rose Romantic: Liebe ist ihr Hobby(0)
Rosso Rabbit In Trouble(0)
Rotate Mania(0)
Roter Baron Simulator(0)
Roter Baron: Die Simulation(0)
Rotlicht Simulator(0)
Rotlicht Tycoon(0)
Rotlicht Tycoon 2(1)
Rotlicht: Die Simulation(0)
Royal Defense(0)
Royal Detective: Der Herr der Statuen(0)
Royal Envoy(0)
Royal Envoy 2(0)
Royal Envoy 3(0)
Royal Envoy: Kampf um die Krone(0)
Royal Flush(0)
Royal Marines Commando(0)
RPG Tsukuru 2000(0)
RPG Tsukuru XP(0)
RPM Tuning(0)
RTL Alarm für Cobra 11: Vol. 2(0)
RTL Balko(0)
RTL Biathlon 2006(0)
RTL Biathlon 2007(0)
RTL Biathlon 2008(0)
RTL Biathlon 2009(0)
RTL Boxen Extra(0)
RTL Euro League Football(0)
RTL Medicopter 117 4(0)
RTL Racing Team Manager(0)
RTL Ski Alpin 2005(0)
RTL Ski Alpin 2006(0)
RTL Ski Alpin Racing 2007(0)
RTL Skispringen(0)
RTL Skispringen 2001(0)
RTL Skispringen 2002(0)
RTL Skispringen 2003(0)
RTL Skispringen 2004(0)
RTL Skispringen 2005(0)
RTL Skispringen 2007(0)
RTL Winter Games 2007(0)
RTL Winter Sports 2008(0)
RTL Winter Sports 2009(0)
RTL Zoom: Paparazzi im Einsatz(0)
Rugby 06(0)
Rugby 2001(0)
Rugby 2005(0)
Rugby World Cup 2015(0)
Rugrats Abenteuerspiel(0)
Rugrats in Paris(1)
Rules of the Game(0)
Runaway - A Twist of Fate(0)
Runaway 2: The dream of the Turtle(0)
Runaway Express Mystery: Der Geisterzug(0)
Runaway: A Road Adventure(0)
Rune of Fate(0)
Rune Quest: Die Magie der Steine(0)
Rune Sword 2(0)
Runefall: Die Tribute von Rivermoor(0)
Runen von Avalon(0)
Runes of Magic(0)
Runes of Magic Chapter IV: Lands of Despair(0)
Runes of Magic Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge(0)
Runes of Magic: Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms(0)
Rush for Berlin(1)
Rush for Gold: Alaska(0)
Rush for Gold: California(0)
Rush for the Bomb(0)
Russian Pinball(0)
Rybka 3 Dynamic(0)
Rybka 4(0)
Ryouki no Ori 2(0)
Ryse: Son of Rome(0)
Rätsel & Denkspiele Extra(0)
Rätsel und Denkspiele Spiele für Windows 8(0)

PC-Windows cheat codes (r):
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