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Playstation3 cheat codes / walkthroughs:

Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII(0)
Dance Dance Revolution: New Moves(0)
Dance on Broadway(0)
Dance! It's your Stage(0)
DanceStar Party(0)
DanceStar Party Hits(0)
Danger Planet(0)
Dante's Inferno(0)
Dark Mist(0)
Dark Sector(0)
Dark Souls(0)
Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin(0)
Dark Souls II(0)
Dark Void(0)
Darksiders 2(0)
Das Buch der Zaubertränke(0)
Das Duell: Männer vs. Frauen - Partyspaß Total!(0)
DC Universe(0)
DC Universe Online(0)
De Blob 2(0)
Dead Island(0)
Dead Island: Escape(0)
Dead Island: Riptide(0)
Dead or Alive 5(0)
Dead Rising 2(0)
Dead Space(0)
Dead Space 2(0)
Dead Space 2 Platinum(0)
Dead Space 3(0)
Dead to Rights: Retribution(0)
Deadfall Adventures(0)
Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat(0)
Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut(0)
Deep Black(0)
Def Jam Icon(0)
Def Jam Rapstar(0)
Demon's Souls(0)
Der Landwirt 2016(0)
Der Pate: Die Don Edition(0)
Der Puppenspieler(0)
Destiny: König der Besessenen(0)
Destroy all Humans(0)
Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon(0)
Deus Ex 3(0)
Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution(0)
Devil May Cry 4(0)
Diablo 3(0)
Die Abenteuer von Tim & Struppi - Das Geheimnis der Einhorn: Das Spiel(0)
Die Abenteuer von Tim & Struppi: Das Geheimnis der Einhorn(0)
Die Chroniken von Narnia: Prinz Kaspian(0)
Die Hüter des Lichts(0)
Die Legende der Wächter(0)
Die Pinguine aus Madagascar: Dr. Seltsam kehrt zurück(0)
Die Schlümpfe 2(0)
Die Sims 3: Pets(0)
Digimon: All-Star Rumble(0)
Dinosaurier: Im Reich der Giganten(0)
Dirt 3 (0)
Dirt: Showdown(0)
Dirty Harry(0)
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice(0)
Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten(0)
Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness(0)
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two(0)
Disney Infinity(0)
Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes(0)
Disney Infinity 3.0(0)
Disney Sing it(0)
Disney Sing It - Pop Hits(0)
Disney Sing It: Filmhits(0)
Disney Sing it: High School Musical 3 - Senior Year(0)
Disney Sing It: Pop Party(0)
Disney Universe(0)
DJ Hero(0)
DJ Hero 2(0)
DmC: Devil May Cry(0)
Doom 3: BFG Edition(0)
Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht 2(0)
Dragon Age II(0)
Dragon Age: Inquisition(0)
Dragon Age: Origins(0)
Dragon Age: Origins Awakening(0)
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z(0)
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit(0)
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi(0)
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse(0)
Dragon Quest Builders(0)
Dragon's Crown(0)
Dragon's Dogma(0)
Dragonball: Raging Blast(0)
Dragonball: Raging Blast 2(0)
Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen(0)
Drakengard 3(0)
Dream Pinball 3D II(0)
Dreamsworks Racing(0)
Driver: San Francisco(0)
Duck Tales(0)
Duck Tales Remastered(0)
Duke Nukem Forever(0)
Dungeon Siege III(0)
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale(0)
Dynasty Warriors 3(0)
Dynasty Warriors 6(0)
Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires(0)
Dynasty Warriors 7(0)
Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends(0)
Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires(0)
Dynasty Warriors 8(0)
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3(0)
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam(0)
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2(0)
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn(0)
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce(0)
How to Train your Dragon(0)
Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest(0)
Lord of the Rings: Conquest(0)
Puss in Boots(0)
Realms of Arkania 2: Star Trail(0)
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny(0)
Red Baron: Arcade(0)
The Dark Eye: Demonicon(0)
The Godfather(0)
The Godfather II(0)
The Golden Compass(0)
The Incredible Hulk(0)
The Legend of Beowulf: The Game(0)
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North(0)
The Simpsons Game(0)
The Sims 3(0)
The Spiderwick Chronicles(0)
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes(0)

Playstation3 cheat codes (d):
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