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Bulletstorm - Secret Skillshots

All the Secret Skillshots are no official descriptions, because the game hasn't descriptions for secret skillshots.
  • Pancake (1-2): Use an environmental object to flatten an enemy
  • Sucker (2-1): Kick an enemy in an Fan
  • Kill-O-Watt (2-2): Kick an enemy in electric loaded cables
  • Mass Extinction (2-2): Use Mechaton to shoot an enemy
  • Fish Food (3-1): Kick an enemy, in feet high water
  • Floater (3-2): Kick an enemy into flowing, deep water
  • Man Toast (3-2): At the reactor at the dam, fry an enemy
  • Grinder (3-2): Kick an enemy in an water weel at the dam
  • Halloween (4-1): Kick an pumpkin on an enemy, then kick the enemy in electric loaded cables
  • Weed Killer (4-2): Defeat the plant boss
  • Ding Dong (4-3): Kick rubble to an enemy, when you are at the trap doors on the ceiling at the collapsed building
  • Tenderizer (4-3): Kill an enemy with an elevator
  • Steady Hand (5-2): Hit a burnout's orange weak spot to kill it
  • Minced Meat (5-2): Defeat the muta-burnout boss
  • Dino-Sore (5-3): Use the Chaingun from the banshee to hit Hekaton's neck
  • Outburst (6-1): Kick an enemy into the gamma radiation storm
  • Forced (6-3): Kick an enemy into an EM pulse barrier in the Ulysses generator
  • Grilled Meat (6-3): Defeat the second muta-burnout boss
  • Ejaculated (7-2): Eject enemies by hitting the switch in the cargo hold
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