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Cheating, now right!
Because we are getting many questions about this, we have wrote some little hints for perfect cheating

1. Console cheats: at most you must simply press ^ to open the console.
Then you must only type-in the cheat and you beome the effect.

2. Gamername cheats: here you must only type in the cheat as the name of the player at the character creation screen.
with this variant is an new game to 99% needed.

ingame cheats: this cheats can be typed in an running game. this is in most of times not so easy because the cheats must be typed-in very fast.
sometimes you must press before and after it something like RETURN, this will open the chat function.

Level Codes: this cheats are not real cheats, but some words worth, these codes mostly given in the game process and can be easyly typed in.
to type-in that codes you must only go into an menu entry like "Level", "Codes" or something like this.

Press Start: this cheats are mostly hard to type them in like the ingame cheats because it`s needed again to type them in very fast.
with this cheat-mode often there is an problem with using more cheats, mostly there working only one cheat at one time.

Main menu cheats can be typed in directly in the main menu or can be typed in from an submenu entry like "cheats" or "codes"

Freezer: here is an small list of Freezers:
Xploder, Action Replay, Gameshark.
with this Freezer`s you can find cheats out or type in them if the game doesn`t support other cheats.

much fun with successfully cheating!

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